When Heaven and Earth Collide with Alan Cross

Alan Cross, author of When Heaven and Earth Collide, hosts interviews on subjects related to how following Jesus impacts daily life in America and the South, especially on issues related to immigration, race, politics, faith/theology, and the mission of the church.
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Jul 26, 2017

Clarkston, Georgia has been called the "most diverse square mile" in America. Pastor Trent DeLoach of Clarkston International Bible Church, talks about how a church that was struggling as the community experienced dramatic demographic change in the 1990s, transitioned to embrace the change and reach the nations moving in next door and across the street. With over 50 languages spoken and 90+ nations represented, Clarkston IS the world. 

We talk about things like, how do we develop multiethnic churches, how do ethnic congregations partner together, how to share space, how to grow through diversity across languages, how to map your community to identify immigrant groups, and how to pray for and reach the home countries of the people in your community?

Clarkston International Bible Church has become a ministry hub of the North American Mission Board (SBC) to help churches across the country learn how to minister to and engage refugee communities. You can follow the church online at

Jul 25, 2017

Senior Pastor of Summit Church, JD Greear, and Missions Pastor, Todd Unzicker, talk about the big picture of immigrant/refugee ministry as well as the nuts and bolts of the why and how of engaging in Diaspora Missions. Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC, is a leader in how a local church can impact the world from right where they are. They also consider how to confront obstacles to engaging the nations around us from personal objections to politics with a central focus on Christ and His call to us to love our neighbors and take the gospel to them. These interviews were taken in the Summer of 2016, but they are incredibly relevant today - perhaps even more so. 

Jul 21, 2017

Meet Erick, brought to the U.S. at two years old illegally by his parents from Mexico. Erick did not know about his undocumented status until he was around eleven years old. He is pursuing graduate level education on DACA and is concerned about what his future might hold. Through it all, he trusts in Christ and seeks to follow God.